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24 August 2017
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We continue to look for additional benefactors and supporters to help fund the beneficial work that the credit union undertakes within the community. Individuals, businesses and public agencies can all support our work.


Save with us. Itís easy!

Savings are what makes the
credit union work.
Without savings we would have no money to lend out. Some members save in order to be able to borrow while others may save for a rainy day.


Need a loan? Apply for it.

Your Credit Union aims to be a responsible lender. This means that we will try not to lend members more than they are able to repay.
We have a duty to safeguard all our members savings.

Serving Our Community

We love our community!

When you join Your Credit Union you become more than just a prudent person who manages their money.  You become an investor who is directly helping the local community.

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